Mass Effect 2 Level Decoration Fails

I’ve found, along with many others, that Mass Effect 2 is a very different experience from the first Mass Effect. I’ve also found it to be much more glitchy and buggy than the first one. I can’t say for sure how much of the graphical issues are just with my computer, but I’ve encountered quite a few cutscene and level geometry errors that I’m sure have to be more universal. I hope to document those more thoroughly at a later date.

For now, here are two screenshots of level decoration issues that I couldn’t help but notice along the way.

Mass Effect 2 - Rock Fail
Here you can see my faithful Krogan standing atop a smattering of rocks which are floating in mid-air. Further up the hill, you can see another smattering of rocks that are actually rotated to match the geometry. (This can be found during the “N7: Wrecked Merchant Freighter” quest on the planet Neith, found in the Amun system of the Eagle Nebula. It’s on one of the hillsides to the right of your starting position.)

Mass Effect 2 Object Targeting Fail
Here, we have a box that can be targeted like an interactive object for no reason. No text shows up for it, and you have to be at the correct angle for this to happen. There’s nothing outside behind that box for the game to latch on to, and there’s nothing behind it later in the level. (This can be found during the “N7: Hanhe-Kedar Facility” quest on the planet Capek, found in the Haskins system of the Titan Nebula. It’s just inside the entrance to the facility on your left.)


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