A thank you letter to Eidos Montréal

[One *tiny* spoiler if you haven’t played the first level yet.]

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The original Deus Ex is my favorite single-player game of all time, and I can’t tell you how suspicious I was of some new start-up studio trying to make a sequel (well, prequel) to such a beloved franchise with such a fiercely loyal, intelligent, and critical fanbase. I was even more cautious with Warren Spector not being involved, and I was so concerned that it was going to be worse than Invisible War or that it would be some cheap cash-in on the title and it wouldn’t REALLY be a Deus Ex game.

Thankfully, I was blown away. I cannot tell you how proud I am of your whole team. My friend and I would sit next to each other, each playing through, and I would keep turning to him and saying, “I am so proud of those guys.” over and over. Your love for the universe is so clear and evident in every piece of that game. It was a love letter not just to the fanbase, but to the original game. I didn’t think a Deus Ex game would ever be made like this again. The amount of backstory and tie-ins to the original, the dense and multifaceted level design, the voice actors (both new and returning), the absolutely stunning and gorgeous art design, the music, the strong writing of the factions and themes, the fact that my exploring and looting Sarif Industries before the first mission cost the hostages their lives and that *I was okay with that* as a consequence of my actions… Every piece of this game oozes Deus Ex, and it’s clear that everyone really loved this project. I worked in QA on a game that no one cared about, and it showed. Playing Human Revolution, I could tell that everyone loved it dearly and gave all that they had to make it right. And you did. This game IS Deus Ex: powerfully, purely, and delightfully.

I truly want the best for you guys in the future. I hope that this isn’t a fluke that was possible because it was the studio’s first project and no upper management was breathing down your neck; I have a fear that now that you guys have achieved “rock star” status you’ll be under more scrutiny and pressure and get reduced to shipping yearly sequels or get shut down later for not living up to this success. I hope none of that ever happens and that you escape the fate of a lot of great studios before you.

I believe in you all and I hope you can continue to make great games that you love. Thank you so much for treating the PC crowd well on this release (we even got an FOV slider!) and for creating something I literally thought was impossible. You guys are amazing.

– Mark Valentine


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