Delicious Learning

Well, I just finished my first semester at DigiPen as an RTIS student!

I’ve learned all the basics of C, I made it through Linear Algebra, I can convert between and do math in binary and octal and hex, and I kind of understand how to program in assembly.

But mostly I made 2 games in DigiPen’s ProjectFUN framework with my awesome team, Muffin Express.

I primarily worked on code and graphics for the UI; getting the HUD and score system set up and implemented in both games, as well as the turret upgrade screen and system for Firewall. I also found the music for both games and designed most of the sounds. (Shout out to DrPetter’s incredible 8-bit sound generator here!)



Antivirus is a side-scrolling, Tron-styled 8-bit homage SHMUP with a great twist on mechanics. All of the enemies in Antivirus disable when you shoot them; they eventually reactivate, and the only way to kill them is by cleaning them off the screen with your Clean Beam. Following the Tetris risk-vs.-reward mechanic of building up blocks in hopes of pulling off that 4-line clear, Antivirus encourages you to push the limit of how many enemies you can deal with on-screen, because each enemy you clean gives you an exponential score multiplier. You can win with thousands of points, or you can win with millions, depending on how well you play and how much stress you want from your game!

You can watch a playthrough, if you don’t mind boss/gameplay spoilers, here.

Download Antivirus
(Has Xbox 360 controller support, and therefore PS3 controller support)



Firewall is our twist on Missile Command meets Tower Defense, following in the same style and theme as Antivirus. Again, the primary goal is to play for a high score and make it past the final boss, but this time your multiplier is determined by how many enemies you can get at one time in the chain explosions triggered by your shots. All of the turrets can be upgraded three levels by using your score as a resource; if you’re really playing for a high score, you’ll have to play lean and with a much higher skill level.

Download Firewall

We’re hoping to do some amazing things together in the future, so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for all the wacky times of riding the Muffin Express!


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